Serendipitous Adventures in Salty Waters

I think there is a special sort of hype around floating as this existential experience of pure bliss and psychedelia. Joe Rogan fans all over North America are wondering if they too can trip for hours in a tank filled with salt water. I have people ask me, “so do you see things in there or what?”

The short answer is in fact yes, I have had one visual experience in a float tank. And I’ve floated about 20 times thus far.

Whatever is going on in that tank (expansion of consciousness, realization of a greater core or source, or getting whacked in the cerebral cortex with a high dosage of equanimity) is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

That being said, the majority of my experiences I have had in floatation tanks have been purely physical. Sorry to burst your DMT bubble.

But the good news is that the physical benefits are fantastic and they last for quite a while, at least for me.

I remember one situation in particular. I had floated the night before and when I awoke in the morning, I had one of the best physical yoga practices in a long time (so much so that Christian and I made a YouTube video about it…check out the link). After yoga, I went on my merry way to work and the world seemed brighter and more effervescent, pulsating with life and opportunity.

At the time I was working at a job that wasn’t a good fit for me. I could do the work but I wasn’t interested. But that day, I was different. I was so involved. I was more excited. I was simply a better version of myself in comparison to the day before.

This continued on for about 3 days in total. I received a full 72 hours of magic and wonder perceived through my shining eyes.

A few months later I had the joy of floating 3 times in 3 days. That was an incredible experience.

I found I was much more willing to do the things which I knew were good for me, even if they weren’t extremely comfortable, instantly gratifying, or tasty.

I felt new and vibrant. I completed what needed to be completed. I smiled and I felt whole. I better understood why Mr. Rogan has one of these tanks in his basement.