Single Float

75 minute float session

Why? To help with:

😓  Stress

😫  Pain

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Family pressure

🛌  Sleeplessness

☯️  and/or the quest to understand!

This is the most you will pay for a float.

Try our packages for big savings!


3 Floats

Three Float Pack


        Save $67 compared to regular                             priced floats!

      💧 New to floating? Want to get                                 back into it?

      💧 Book three floats to discover                    what floating can do for you.                                                                                        💧 Join 17 000 (and counting!)                      Saskatchewanians who have             experienced Floating at Float Love!      

  • These 3 credits will go straight to                    your account.                                                                                                 They’re just for you                                (non-shareable)                                                                                  This is your chance to find out what everyone’s talking about.


8 Floats

Eight Float Pack

Save $324 compared to regular priced floats!

Best value

This is perfect if :

✅  You want to save on your float practice, but don’t want to give up any flexibility or commit to a membership!

✅  You want to share floating with your friends, coworkers, employees, or family members! (We can do these up as gift cards on request! 🎁 )

✅  You and a friend want to split the cost of floating !

You will receive 8 credits on your account. Inquire about gift options, or check out the giftcard tab up top!

Eight Float Pack
(Shareable with others)


VIP Membership




  • First Float of the Month is $59
  • Second Float of the Month is $49
  • Third Float is $39
  • From the third float onwards, continue at the lowest rate!
  • No Long Term Contracts or Hidden Fees
  • 28-day cancellation policy
  • Share Your Floats
  • Monthly Rollover
  • Floats Never Expire With Active Membership

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