Why Float?

“What is the most satisfying thing about feeling curious?”

Four refreshing days of explaining exact what floating is and showing hundreds of people exactly where they can start was extremely rewarding and gave me some great as to exactly what people need to be educated about in regard to floating.

The most common question I received was “Why would somebody want to do that?”

If you are one of the people who just “get it” you might notice that it can be almost impossible to explain this to someone who does not “get it”. I understand. I always find it incredibly useful to really look at my own motivations and honestly communicate my personal experience when it comes to getting in the tank.

If you were to talk to thousands of floaters you would find that on the surface everyone’s “Why?” is different. However, if you look past the words and zero in on the motivation it almost always boils down to curiosity.

There is the curiosity that gets people in the door.

“I wonder what this is going to be like”

You don’t have to look very hard to for to find elaborately detailed voyages through sensational mindscapes recorded by aspiring psychonauts. Any explorer of inner space will tell you that bio-hacking neural networks through the cultivation of non-reactive awareness in attempt to actively re-program the human bio-computer is a must, and that float tanks can do it for you.

“Will this help me relax?”

Some people people want to know if it will help them relax, and this line of question is in desperate need of pursuit in our modern ringer of constant overstimulation and chronic stress. Perpetually braving a minefield of ambiguous stimulus, anything that might calm help us escape the quiet desperation of the daily grind will be welcomed with open arms.

And there is the curiosity that keeps people coming back.

How useful this be can this assist me in generating long term satisfaction?

Some people have a plan for the long term. They are investing in building something bigger than themselves. They are working on expanding themselves and they are convinced that there is a better way or more effective way to do pretty much anything. They see and identify the potential that floating brings and they wonder exactly how far this benefit can extend. “I am able to focus on my work more clearly, I am not as inhibited in my behaviour around other people. I feel great and I am making healthier decisions. How far can we take this? To what extent can floating be used as a tool to increase the quality of my life on a daily basis? What are the limits of the benefits to floating? What happens if I float every day? Will I continue to enjoy it more and more? Will I continue to receive more and more benefit? Will I begin to produce the behaviours that will enrich my life and leave me as a happier person?”

When you ask the right questions and take the right actions you will improve both the quality of your life and the scope of your influence.

People love to dial back the uncertainty with good old fashioned answers as well. That’s fine and I wish you the best, but I don’t do answers. How can you ask questions just the right questions to get the right information that will lead to you having the resources you need to craft a life of your success?

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Float on!