I Floated, Now What?

I Floated, Now What?
So you’ve experienced your first float. You probably feel really good. What’s the next step?

1. Float again.
At least two more times. The first float is great and will leave you feeling relaxed, and it will be very different from your second and third floats. We’re also finding more research that supports the theory that after 3 floats you develop skill acquisition that allows to actually get better at relaxing. So, practice for a bit. See what it can do for you.

2. Book A Massage
If you found your body was having difficulty relaxing, especially in your neck, shoulders, or hips, book a massage right before you next float. We can even supply you with a few great massage therapists to choose from!

3. Get Acupuncture
Our resident acupuncturist has assisted many people in deeply relaxing before a float by inserting tiny needles into the skin and muscle before your float session. Yes, he will take them out before. No, it doesn’t hurt. If you have trouble relaxing your mind before a float, this can really help.

4. Pre Float Yoga
Book a lesson with our resident yoga teacher prior to your float. A practice of breathing and mindful movement before a float can translate into a still and epic float experience.

5. Kava Kava
Drink some kava. Have a shot of our Zend Kava Elixir before your float and feel how motionless you can really be.

6. Pro Tips
All of our staff have a consistent (and even somewhat spartan) float practice. Chances are if you’ve experienced it, so have they.

7. Trade Your Skills For Float Credits

Ask about trades. If you are an artist, a contractor, musician, business owner, or have a particular set of skills that we could find useful, let us know!

8. Experiment
Approach floating and yourself with a sense of curiosity and self-discovery. Try floating in different positions, or at different times of the day. We even can accommodate longer floats upon request.

9. Float On
Keep doing it. Floating has a learning curve and accumulation effect; the more you float the greater the effect.