Floating Practice and Functional Spirituality

This blog was written by one of our cherished employees.

For some, the word spirituality conjures up images of yogi’s in faraway lands, contorting themselves into positions that would make even the most seasoned of gymnasts weep. Others picture loving gazes and tye dyed t-shirts, a weak and somewhat life-denying existence. It has become a closed concept, and just as contentious as the word GOD. Perhaps leading to Friedrich Nietzsche’s statement “God is Dead”

Words can talk about or around a subject, but the real essence, the elixir, will always elude words and concepts because by their very nature they are simplistic and limiting. Words are not direct experience. I could talk about the sweetness of honey, its taste, and texture, in the most poetic and eloquent way. However, do you think that could ever compare to the Taste of organic raw local honey? I think not ☺

For me, floating is an opportunity to forget ‘who’ I think I am. Throwing all thoughts of identity into the fire (or water) in order to have an unobstructed view of my internal climate, in a safe and controlled environment, almost like a Petri dish for the soul.

The Japanese have a term; ‘Otonashi’

It literally means, No Sound.

When there is no sound, when the mental tendencies have slowed or subsided, when your body has no perceived reference points from the sense perceptions. When ‘YOU’ no longer exist; this is spirituality, this is the absence of self, this is Otonashi.

Floating practice serves me well outside of the float dojo because it serves as a constant reminder that all stress and mental discomfort in the outside world is self-created. Like it says in ‘A Course in Miracles’ “I give everything all the meaning it has”

That doesn’t mean I walk around in a state of bliss or that I have transcended personhood to the level of a Llama, or some sort of gas or ephemeral element ☺.. it just means that every waking (and dreaming) moment I know that I create a self-centered world to live in and to relate to, that is altogether different to the true nature of things.

For example; Money? becomes MY money, MY home, MY life…

We fool and domesticate ourselves that we are separate, long-lasting bodies experiencing My Life, day by day.

But we are Life, experiencing a temporary body… in the words of the ancients;

“Whatever can be perceived, cannot be perceiving”

“What you are looking for, is where you are looking from”

(Hang on a second, you said Functional Spirituality!)

This is more exciting and practical than it sounds, if I unconsciously choose to create all of the observable phenomena both within and ultimately projected without, then all it takes to change my lens of cognition is awareness.

A practice of taking the ‘time’ to just be, in a controlled environment like a float tank, I can lay back and watch my thinking patterns, I can take stock of my tendencies and forgive them, after all, they are not ‘mine’.. just tendencies that can be observed. Observed from where? As what?

Don’t ask me, I’m just a blissful floating gas ☺

Post Float, as I re-join the world of things, and bodies, I have a renewed sense of peace, and flow. Derived from the fact that I don’t take my Self, so seriously.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and from there onwards?

practice creates the master.